The idea behind this book is to look at the practical and therapeutic nature of knitting by providing simple patterns that beginner knitters can follow and also to suggest some ideas for setting up a knitting group and making larger projects together. The patterns are all based on a simple square shape. This means that the part you are currently working on can be transported with you wherever you go - on the train, bus, waiting room or even the hairdresser! Many knitters make squares into blankets, so this is nothing new, but how the colours and patterns are joined together makes a beautiful end result by following suggestions in this book. You can change the colours to make the project your own. To knit your way through a life crisis or recovery from an operation is so beneficial putting your thoughts into the craft, rather than dwelling on a problem. There are also many charities who welcome blankets and a short list is mentioned within this book, but there are many more.

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I am often asked to speak to groups about my book and I am happy to do so. As I take along all the blankets that have been knitted and appear in the book, it is quite a visual talk. If you would like me to come and talk to a group you know, please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This is a superb book in every sense. Clear, concise and very well written it's a book you must have in your knitting library even if you have been knitting for more years than you care to remember -like some of us-or are a complete beginner.

It would also be a great teaching aid if you are helping someone with the basic skills or hoping to set up a knitting group (either as part of on going therapy or purely for enjoyment) and would work well for children as well as adult learners. I have just one question - when is the sequel coming out- more please!
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