Help with knitting

If you find that you are unable to read a pattern or just want to learn to knit, you can always go to a local knitting group. Just search for ‘knitting groups’ in your area and more than likely there will be several.
However, if this sounds too intimidating or you would prefer a one-to-one session, I can visit you in your home or a public place such as a library. I can show you how to follow patterns, pick up stitches or learn to knit from scratch. 

Setting up a Knitting Group

To set up a knitting group yourself, I can meet with you to advise on how to go about this, although I have outlined the process I have been through when setting up groups myself in my book, ‘The Blanket Book’.
It is a good way of socialising and also excellent to run in homes for the elderly, residential homes, after school clubs and church groups.

Therapeutic Knitting

If you are recovering from an operation, a mental breakdown, a bereavement or any other life trauma knitting will help you to get through.  I know this because I have been through several of the above and have seen how knitting has helped other people. It can also give you confidence as your skills improve. My book tells you more about this and there are other books which go into further detail, such as ‘Knit for Health and Wellness’ by Betsan Corkhill.  

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