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I have been knitting for many years and have a firm belief that anyone can
engage with knitting, even if they need a little help from those more experienced. Over the years I have set up knitting groups and encouraged people to learn to knit and eventually to try more complex patterns.

Living with my husband and dog in Portsmouth, I am grateful that they have become very tolerant about my stash of wool and occasionally share in my enthusiasm of a finished product. It’s nothing new for me to be seen knitting in all sorts of situations – in fact I think they have come to expect it now! My past fear that the skill of knitting will die out has, in recent years, been replaced with a delight in observing how the next generation are engaging with this art. I have taught my daughter to knit and my son to hold a skein while I wind up the wool – even my husband has undertaken the latter task!

Happy Knitting Everyone!





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